Reading Material

The following reading material is in no particular order. This is a list we have compiled based on recommendations from fire service mentors, instructors, and leaders over the years. Many of these books are “no-brainers”, but hopefully there is some in here that you have not heard of. Not all of these are fire service books, but they all can benefit the firefighter in one way or another.



Vincent Dunn - Collapse of Burning Buildings (2nd Edition)
Francis Brannigan - Building Construction  (3rd Edition)
Ric Jorge - Developing Firefighter Resiliency
Frank Viscuso - Step up and Lead
Vincent Dunn - Safety & Survival on the Fireground
Dennis Smith - Report from Engine Co. 82
Nicholas Papa - Coordinating Ventilation
Jocko Wilink - ExtremeOwnership
John Norman - Fire Officers Handbook of Tactics (5th Ed)
Deborah Wallace - In the Mouth of the Dragon
Dan Shaw - 25 to Survive
Michael Terpak - Fireground Size-Up
Dave Grossman - Warrior Mindset
Belisa Vranich - Breathing for Warriors
Laurence Gonzales - Deep Survival
Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist
Matthew McConaughey - Greenlights
Chris Brennan - Combat Position
Rick Lasky - Pride & Ownership
Lloyd Layman - Attacking & Extinguishing Interior Fires.
James Hayde - Resiliency for First Responders


Firehouse Vigilance Weekly Scrap
Student of the Game
Grabs Podcast
Jocko Podcast
Fire Engineering
FDNY Pro Podcast
Leadership Under Fire
National Fire Radio
Flow and Vent
Journeyman Podcast
Gettin Salty
Fire Nuggets
The Fireside Chat
We hope this list helps you out in further advancing your knowledge in the fire service.